Custom Print: Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween is two weeks away…I don’t think I will have the kitchen makeover complete by then, but I am making lots of progress that I will be showing you later this week.

In my previous neighborhood in Pennsylvania we got a lot of Trick or Treaters on Halloween night. The most we ever had come knocking on the door was 95. For our first Halloween on the lake, I asked my neighbors how many kids to expect and was told that most of the kids go Trick or Treating in church parking lots where everyone tailgates and kids go car to car.

I won’t be taking part in this, but there are two kids who live two doors down from me that I would like to give a little something special for Halloween. Even though their father is a dentist…I made them googly-eye treat bags using my computer printer and filled them with candy. If you work in an office, you could even fill the bags to give to your co-workers as a special treat.

I recently got a new Expression Premium XP-830 wireless Small-in-One printer. It is ideal for all the creative projects I like to make like the trick or treat bags.

Ed and I have been sharing a printer since we moved to the lake house. It uses WIFI, but every time I print something, I have to go to the other side of the house where he works to get it. Not a very good use of my time. I also missed my previous printer that had an auto-document feeder.  As a blogger I have to sign and send contracts weekly, having the auto-document feeder and auto 2-sided printing, copying, and scanning saves me time. I also like that I can print from my tablet and phone — with or without a router… at home or when I am out and about.

I use the printer for so much…regular printing, free printables, photos and more.  I take it to its limits to see what it can do so there is no need to ever have to go to a print shop. Since my new Epson printer can print out envelopes I figured it could handle printing out thin paper bags that I found at the craft store. It did the job beautifully. I used the lower paper tray, but depending on the size of the bags you use, you could probably use the envelope printing tray, too.


supplies needed: 

  • Epson XP-830 Expressions Premium Printer
  • Small thin brown bags – craft store
  • Tacky Glue
  • Large googly eyes – craft store
  • Washi or low-tack painter’s tape
  • Computer with photo editing software
  • Boo Y’All .pdf file
  • Printer paper
  • Ruler
  1. Measure the width of your bag, then create a file with an image of a horizontal line using the bag width measurement in your photo editing software. Type TOP on the page. This will become your paper bag placement sheet.
  1.  Print it out.

2. Center and tape bag to the print-out under the horizontal line.

3. Click to download the  Boo Y’all .pdf file.

4. In your photo editor, center the downloaded image under the horizontal line on the paper bag placement sheet file.

5. Head back over to the printer and load the sheet with the bag taped on it face down into the paper loading tray.

6. Print it out.

7. Remove tape.

8. Glue eyes onto the center of the “O”s in the word boo.

8. Once glue is dry. Fill with candy.

I only needed to make a few Halloween treat bags since I won’t be getting any kids knocking on my door on Halloween night.

How many Trick or Treater’s come to your house on Halloween. Do you only get a few or a hundred?

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