Adding Textured Wallpaper to the Dining Area

With the cooking side of the kitchen makeover complete, it was time to finally come to a decision on how to cover the rough and damaged wall surface in the dining area that was covered in painted wallpaper that was so old and dry it was cracking.

It has looked like this since the day we moved into the house a year and a half ago when I ripped off 2 pieces of the painted over wallpaper to see what was under it and found nothing good.

(The hydrangeas on the table are from a bush in my yard.  They grow naturally pink, but in my previous house they didn’t and I had to learn how to turn the Hydrangeas pink or blue.)

Here is a photo that shows the other section of wallpaper I ripped off. I knew I could not just paint the wall, it was going to need stripping and then something that would hide the uneven surface. I wanted to think on it and just let it be until last week.

If I had a big budget and skills, we could have ripped out the sheetrock and replaced it, but that was not going to happen.  I thought of board and batten, shiplap and other wood treatments, but I felt they may be too much for the small space. I am going after an open, clean and easy breezy feel.

The wallpaper came off easily, getting all the old-fashioned wheat paste off took effort though.

After many months, I finally decided to go with textured wallpaper called Anaglypta that I found online at Home Depot and Wayfair. I did a search for inexpensive grass cloth and it came up.

I ordered two rolls of a wavy grasscloth pattern a few months ago, but sent it back. It was nice, but the pattern was too modern for my taste. When I went to return it online, a page popped up that said, “You May Like This” or something of the sort and it showed a large burlap pattern design made by the same company. I ordered it.

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